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 "Speak Asia Gen X Bazaar" in Goa from 9th to 11th May

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"Speak Asia Gen X Bazaar" in Goa from 9th to 11th May Empty
PostSubject: "Speak Asia Gen X Bazaar" in Goa from 9th to 11th May   "Speak Asia Gen X Bazaar" in Goa from 9th to 11th May I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 02, 2011 1:11 am

Following are excerpts of the announcement made by SAOL Management:

Dear Speak Asians,

Warm Greetings to all Speak Asians !

We are extremely pleased to share that Speak Asia is scaling new heights every day. As you already know, Speak Asia panel size has crossed 1.2 Million on 31st March ,2011. This makes our community of sovereign consumers as one of the fastest grown community anywhere in the world . This is a community where over 80% people have benefited and have supplemented their incomes for better standard of life . More and more people are joining as they hear about the success stories of Speak Asia Panelists.

In order to reach out to every corner of the country and keep up the momentum going for offering the opportunity and growth to Speak Asians , the company has an ambitious and innovative strategy. To achieve the desired objectives , Speak Asia has invested heavily in -

1. You would have seen an Advertisement Based Survey which was previewed a few weeks ago in the survey list. These Advertisement Based Surveys open up a huge opportunity and long term sustainable income for our Panelists. SpeakAsia has invested heavily in creating Ad Stations for the panelists and creating infrastructure for such a critical application .

2. In order to ease the pressure of selling and help our Panelists to increase their business, Speak Asia has hired a huge sales force spanning every district in the country . This sales force will work along with the Panelists in the defined territory and would be responsible for the growth of the business his area.

3. Massive advertisement campaign in all forms of mass media ( Print , Television , Digital etc ) is starting in mid April 2011 . The print media will cover all major national and regional news papers . In the Television media , prime spots have been booked in GEC , major IPL matches , key news channels. This will generate huge awareness and response from people

4. Speak Asia Gen X Bazaar in Goa commences from 9th May till 11th May which will be attended by over 100 organisation and about 12000 Speak Asians . Company is spending huge amounts to bring in the merchants and Speak Asian together for mutual benefits. You will receive details of this program shortly.

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"Speak Asia Gen X Bazaar" in Goa from 9th to 11th May

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