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 PAN Card Mandatory For Panellists

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PAN Card Mandatory For Panellists Empty
PostSubject: PAN Card Mandatory For Panellists   PAN Card Mandatory For Panellists I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 02, 2011 1:13 am

With the launch of New Website ALL panelists (Existing and New Both) will need to attach the following to their SpeakAsia Account

Id Proof - PAN Card
Address Proof - The acceptable documents will be announced soon.

PAN Card Mandatory For Panellists Pan210

If you do not have a PAN Card yet, ensure you apply for it TODAY itself. It takes almost a month to get a new PAN Card done if there is no pending document or errors seen. Keeping this in mind, SAOL will be giving a relaxation period on one month after the launch of new website in order to attach your PAN card.

The communication on this will be seen soon,

Few FAQ on the PANCARD Requirement:

I have 3 Main Panels, Will I Need One PAN Card Or Three ??
First of all, if you have 3 Main Panels, then its mandatory that all 3 must be in 3 different names and profiles and not one. Hence, for EVERY Main Panel, One PAN Card IS Required. If you have 3 Main Panels then 3 PAN Cards will be required.
If you have 3 accounts in your name, you can change the name of the other 2 accounts in your family members name and can attach their respective PAN Cards. If they do not have a PAN Card, please apply for one NOW itself
If I Have A Tripod Registered With Same Mobile and Email Then Can I Use One Bank Account and 3 PAN Cards?
What All Documents Will Be Accepted As Address Proof ?
SpeakAsia will communicate the acceptable document list soon
Can I Use Same PAN Card For A Tripod ?
No, Every Main Panel Will Need To Have A Separate PAN Card
If I Have A Tripod, Can I Transfer The RPs From My 2 Accounts Into 1 And Encash The Money?
Is This Rule Applicable For New Panelists Or Existing Panelists?
Its Applicable For Both

So, Once Again - Apply For PAN Card Today

A Very Important Point To Note Here - Now, As Per The Current Rule From RBI, Even PayPal Users NEED To Attach Their PAN Card To Their PayPal Account. They CANNOT Withdraw Money If They Do Not Attach Their PAN Card. This RULE Is From RBI

PS: Very Important

Many people have this mis-conception that SAOL allows 1 Person to have 3 Main Panels. All, Please make note that SAOL has NO WHERE, EVER said that 1 person can have 3 Main Panels. Infact its written on the website as well that "A panelist can thus have a maximum of 1 + 9 sub panels."

Please check e-zine subscription Section under FAQ - http://www.speakasiaonline.com/faq.aspx

One person can have 3 Main Panels is only and only due to misselling and lack of correct information.
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PAN Card Mandatory For Panellists

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