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 Tarak Bajpai Released Some Important Updates

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PostSubject: Tarak Bajpai Released Some Important Updates   Sat Aug 20, 2011 10:12 pm

Tarak Bajpai Released Some Important Updates
After getting bail from Mumbai High court, Tarak Bajpai has taken some steps-

1. SpeakAsia has asked RBI again to permit the remittance of Payments (dated 19th August 2011)

2. He is already informed that the website will be hand over to SAOL management with in Few days.

3. Speak Asia is trying to get the YUG products from port.

4. Top leaders and the Speak Asia panelist associations are going to meet with Tarak Bajpai.

5. All panelist are awaiting for getting the due payments, that is why, SAOL management are trying to get the RBI, EoW clearance for PE, which is in LOOP.

6. Tarak Bajpai will give a positive news (via Presentation) to all panelist but he is awaiting for Green signal from the RBI and EoW. He is not allowed to organise any meeting or presentation right now.

7. Mrs. Heren and Manoj Kumar are planning to come back to India if her lawyers allow her to come back from Dubai.

8. They are not allowed to permit payout before PE.

9. No New Investigation is required by EoW, but they are expecting POSITIVE news from High Court.[b]
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Tarak Bajpai Released Some Important Updates

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