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PostSubject: THE SECRET CORPORATE WAR AGAINST SPEAK ASIA   Fri Aug 26, 2011 10:05 pm

One of the Speakasian Ravi Ranjan’s amazing reply to Mr. Neeraj Borgaonkar: I’m writing a note here which will give you more crystal & clear info along with replies to all your queires.

It seems that Mr. Neeraj Borgaonkar has lots of queries and confusions too. May be other panelists who are supporting or not supporting SAOL having these queries in their mind too. I havnt commented yet on anyone’s but have watched all questions & answers. I am joining this page first time as I am also a True Speakasian. FYI, I have all updates of SAOL. So, after seeing my contents, more confusion should be resolved.

My contents are in such a manner that all the asked queries will be answered automatically.

Before raising any questions regarding SAOL business model etc. you must know why SAOL facing problems. In today’s market, all other MLM companies, got registered in India & are running their businesses. Do you understand it, WHY?

FYI, the answer of all problems is only one. What is that? Can you guess?

SAOL has neither paid any bribe to any media, any politician, any personality nor having any political support. If SAOL would have paid to media channel & these corrupt politicians before GenX Bazar then SAOL would have got positive coverage on GenX Bazar & would have got PE, other things on time. What I have revealed here is not known to all. Only few people, who are very close to the company’s people, know this. SAOL had announced that in Genx Bazar, media coverage will be there & everything will be published on facebook too. Do you understand why this did not happen & the day, GenX was going on, Star News started airing all negativity. Here, do not ask me how much money had been asked to telecast GenX and to speak in favour of SAOL. Everyone must know that media never favours anything unless or until, there is direct or indirect profit lies.

Do you know the name of that politician who has started campaign against SAOL with media Channel? He is Mr. Somaiyya. Do you know why he is doing this? A close relative of him running NMart. NMart owner’s name is Mr. Shekhawat. He has very strong support of one of BJP’s top leaders. He has openly said in a public meeting that he will destroy SAOL. Try to understand, why these people are totally against SAOL. Because, the business model / concept of SAOL is very powerful. SAOL’s concept create multiple earning opportunities for all. SAOL entering into Advertising world which has endless opportunities. Once SAOL will be in full flow then its growth will be the fastest. All unsuccessful networkers started joining SAOL & started earning good kind of income.
What is Nmart’s Business?

@Neeraj Borgaonkar’s queries..my ans:

1. Whether SAOL having other source of income except panelist subscription amount or not, this is company’s internal matter. company always saying to all press and others that if they sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), then SAOL will disclose its client list. And, after you must be knowing that EOW Mumbai not found anything substantial against SAOL. It means, on this point SAOL is strong.

2. In recent development, while hearing a PIL, High Court has recently asked RBI, why RBI is not allowing SAOL to pay to their Panelists though SAOL wants to pay to their panelist. RBI has been asked to reply within a week (this happened yesterday only).

3. SAOL is taking services of one of the best law firms in India. So, nothing to worry. And we all are able to see the results that after enquiry of 18 days, EOW Mumbai has not found anything substantial. It means, our lawyers helping a lot to prepare strong defence of SAOL.

4. No one is there to listen to SAOL business model. Everyone wants money as bribe. All of us knowing that other companies are coming with the same concept and getting registered in India without any objections, neither from media nor from any politician. The reason is Money only. SAOL did only one mistake and that is not getting registered before or on time.

5. FYI, we are not investors of SAOL and SAOL not providing any shares in the market, so SAOL is not entitled to show its balance sheet to its panelists. BTW, SAOL has already shown and submitted its balance sheet and Income Tax Report to the concerned authorities while investigations and we all know this.

6. SAOL charging for subcribing an ezine and along with two surveys every week. Ezine’s contents is very educative and provide rich and useful information about the products/services, the survey is based on. Ezine is charged as nothing in this world is FREE.

7. You must agree that when physical survey is done in the market, only 10% data is being expected as genuine, rest is expected as filled up by the same persons who is moving door to door. Now, its online age and approaching people to fill up the surveys becoming easy. Three Ids funda is not a prob in genuiness. It may be possible that one person purchasing three ids in his name only but surveys in all three ids getting filled up by three different person in his family. And if, all three ids surveys getting filled up the same person and same feedback in all three then also company is getting atleast one opinion from one person. You must understand one thing, if you do not allow somebody to get profit in referral business, then he/she will not be interested more in your project. This is business ethics.

8. It is already assumed that at any case 100% genuine opinion cant get whether it is offline or online survey. Generally people fill up the genuine things because these surveys are very easy to understand and fill up. And these are almost realted to our day to day basis activities or general products and services we are using. So definitely, company is getting good genuine responses. May be some of them must be fake. Mind you one thing. Survey industry is very old and very important as well. No one can get 100% genuine survey data. It is understood.

9. When Mr. Tarak Bajpai will be free then he will start working for getting registered with ROC, getting PE and payout. If the owner of the company, Ms. Kaur comes to India, she will be arrested on the same day as it tried with Mr. Manoj’s (CEO, SAOL) wife. Becasue our anti people know that SAOL is very strong on legal matter with pefect paper work and in court you are able to know the result also. So, these anti people who are strong politician only trying to influence EOW of different states to arrest all top officials of SAOL , just to linger on the proceeding to get any PE or something. They think, these type of happening will create panic among panelists and in that case more and more panelist will come with FIR and this way more and more problem will be there for SAOL and for all of us. So, the owner of SAOL and CEO of SAOL are trying their level best to get the things resolved. If they come now then there will be no hope further for SAOL. Try to understand it.

10. SAOL is not allowed right now to do any Press Conference by authorities.

It was not revealed before that EOW of other states are also in queue to arrest Mr. Bajpai. It had been revealed only when Thane EOW did. So, now, our lawyer decided to take an anticipatory bail directly from Supreme court to prevent these arrest so that Mr. Bajpai gets free and can do something for panelists and for SAOL itself. Right now, SAOL need a person like Mr. Bajpai into the market to resolve every issues.
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