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 How to Change Your Contact Details [Phone Number And Email] in SpeakAsia?

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PostSubject: How to Change Your Contact Details [Phone Number And Email] in SpeakAsia?   Sat Jul 02, 2011 1:18 am

Have you ever wanted to felt the need or were required to change your mobile number or your email address which you had put while registration??

It could have been possible that while registering you, by mistake, put a wrong email id or phone number, hence you would want to get it changed.

It could be possible that oday you are residing in Delhi but may be 2 months down the line you get a better job in Bangalore and plan to move down to Bangalore, which definitely will result in getting your phone number changed. Hence you would need to get it changed at SpeakAsia as well.

Well, there is a provision of getting your email id and phone number changed - BUT - this can be done ONLY and ONLY Once.

SpeakAsia does not allow you to change your contact details more than once, hence, you need to be very careful while registering and while getting your contact details changed.

How To Get Your Contact Details Changed:

Send an email to your upline, from your current registered email address, (in case if wrong email address is provided by mistake then send an email form your correct email address) with 2 the followings:
Your ID Proof - this should either be a Driving License, Passport, Voter's Id, Ration Card or PAN Card
Your POST PAID Mobile Bill - Please read carefully. If you want your contact details changed you WILL HAVE to send a soft copy/scanned copy of your POST PAID mobile bill. If you do not have a post paid connection, you will have to get that number converted to POST PAID which you want to have as a new number or your existing number to be upgraded to POST PAID if you want your email id to be changed. - There is no alternative to this.
Your SpeakAsia Id
Your Date Of Joining (if you do nor remember, you can get this information from your upline/sponsor)
Once the above mail has been sent to your upline, he will verify all the information and will send this mail to the respective ASM of that area.
The respective ASM on receipt of the said mail will verify the things at his level, will call you for a final verification purpose post which the mail would be forwarded to the Regional Manager
The Regional Manager will then ensure that your contact details is changed in 3 hrs time post the verification process.
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How to Change Your Contact Details [Phone Number And Email] in SpeakAsia?

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