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PostSubject: SOME THING IMPORTANT ABOUT NEW WEBSITE   Mon Jul 11, 2011 5:06 pm

i have been observing everyone on different note of their emotions since morning, here is something i want to share, please give a bit of attention to it.

1. website is still in development phase thats why a period of two weeks was asked for before the normal workings.

2. Yesternight, the whole range of products were in sale, when the site was first launched, but later it was reduced to two. this happenend within a period of 15 mins, so work was on at that hour of the day also.3. "Shipping and local taxes/levy are extra depending on your location and product. Delivery will be 8 to 10 weeks from the date of confirmed order." This thing has added today itself in the morning it was not present yesternight, means things are slowly disclosing so have patience till everything is back on track, and site is fully functional.

4. I just want to get your attention at a thing, many of u are confused on the 10% - 90% issue. look friends, that thing will expand on for 100% payment very soon, you all must have noticed in Login Page, new Consumer is also an option, means non Speak Asians can also buy from speak asia...it is for them. for us things will be different, because just imagine if u dont have have so much RPs in you account to buy a car, then u can still get the advantage of discount by booking at 10% and paying rest at COD.
so we panelists will have both options of 10%-90% ratio, and also 100% RPs burn.

5. Pin generation from Survey e wallet is blockd as yet, but u must have seen the transfer of RPs from one id to another is not started even for E Wallet, so please understand, till the time Email and Mobile verification option is not on, these transfers are not possible. when it will be on, you can transfer. so dont panic guys.

Surveys are scheduled to come after 19th, till that time site will change many folds...dont panic till the final blue print is out, abusing and thinking negative wont help, but looking at the positive aspect of everything may prove you to be a winner.
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