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 Speak Asia Moving Step By Step Legally, Clean Chit Expected soon from all Agencies.

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PostSubject: Speak Asia Moving Step By Step Legally, Clean Chit Expected soon from all Agencies.   Sat Aug 13, 2011 11:01 pm

Speak Asia Moving Step By Step Leaglly.

No One Can Stop Us

Dear SpeakAsians,

MEGA updates to share with everyone - Some GREAT News..!!

The speakasia panelist forum organised rally had a turn out of about 7000 people at Azad Maidan VT Mumbai.

Various panelists took the mike and aired their views in support of SAOL.

In the evening the office bearers of the Association were taken to Mantralaya to submit their memorandum and charter of demands to the Home Minister Mr R. R. Patil.

The Ministers were not availabe to meet the association office bearers but their secretaries met them and heard their submissons and have assured them to look into the matter.

The rally/dharna had a festive feel about it and many recordings were shown on the LCD tV throughout the day.

The mood was lifted in the early evening after the good news from the quila court came in.

I, Ashok Bahirwani went up on the dias after the court hearings and summarised the events in the court before the gathering as follows:-

That the bail application was not heard today by the court as the SAY of the public prosecutor will be available on 16th August, 2011 so the bail application will now be heard on 16th August.

That Mr. Tarak Bajpai and 4 others were now sent to JC (Judicial Custody).

The Income Tax Department made an application for Taraks Custody but our council Mr. Abhat Ponda vehemently opposed this and said that there is no provision under law for IT dept to get custody of the accused, he said the IT dept can come and investigate Mr. Tarak while he is in JC.

A new FIR was filed by the Thane Police on a complaint of a panelist for Rs 1,00,000/- in Mira road police station and the Thane police were seeking a 14 day remand. Once again on strong arguments put up by the council of SAOL the court rejected the FIR and additional custody was denied.

In the Matter of the arrest of Mr.Rahul Shah Vp of Tulsiant Info the same Mr Ponda took the prosecutors to the laundry and bombarded the Mumbai police and also threatened them with filing a writ petition for defamation.

His case was that they have arrested a wrong person in a wrong case. He further went on to explain that Tulsianttech is a company which had dealings with SAOL but Tulsiantinfo had no dealings with SAOL. He further submitted before the court that Tulsiantinfo was a company which is a registered company and had licence to import LCD/LED Tvs. He wanted to know from the police and the prosecution what record they had to prove that Tulsianttech and Tulsiantinfo were the same company as they were trying to prove. As the Prosecution could not prove the Court sent the accused to only 3 days of PCR (Police custody remand) and the bail applictaion will be also heard on 16th.

Today the 12th August in the holy month of Shravan and Ramzan is a milestone day in the road to sucess of all speakasians.

Today is the day which will be seen as the halt of the downslide of doubt for all speakasiands. From 16th August hopefully, inshallah, hari icha the upward trend will again start and now sky is the limit and 16th August will mark the of our march to number one position for speakasians and indeed for SAOL.Speak Asia Moving Step By Step Legally.Clean Chit Expected soon from all Agencies.
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Speak Asia Moving Step By Step Legally, Clean Chit Expected soon from all Agencies.

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